ORDA 2019 composition contest
Open Recorder Days |
24-27 October 2017 |


Composition contest application form

Deadline for applications: 15th of June 2019

Please read the rules and regulations carefully before applying

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Are you submitting a composition on behalf of a composers' collective? Please list the name, surname and year of birth of all individual participants here:

About the composition

Please remember that the performance should last minimum 5 and maximum 7 minutes


Programme notes (max. 150 words)

This text may appear on the ORDA website, social media and programme book

Please send the score and a detailed instrumentation, including the types/sizes of recorder, percussion list and (optionally) live electronics that it requires to info@openrecorderdays.com before the 15th of June 2019.

If you use live electronics, please check out the appendix to the rules and regulations as there are some limitations to which equipment you may use.

Applications are complete once we have received the score in PDF format (including instrumentation) and the payment.


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I accept the rules and regulations of the ORDA-2019 competition contest


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